Fine Art Photography

Through the Woods

Inspired by my Grandmother's question of if I'm photographing her because I think she's going to die soon, with this project I am exploring the idea of how someday everything we know will only exist in photographs, meanwhile creating an expanded portrait of my grandmother. (Below are some selected images. See the whole book here.)


Man in Nature

After my return from Cuba, I began to notice the disconnect between humans and the natural environment in the United States.



Images from my trip to Cuba. I will someday return.


The Architecture of my Mind

Contemplating my habit of daydreaming, this project helped me discover a into a process of photographing that parallels it. Throughout this project I walked for hours around Boston, Charlestown, Sommerville, and my hometown, looking for real life daydreams. The images, taken with my Mamiya RZ67 on Kodak Tri-X film, create a space in my mind with their dreamy lighting and subjects that let the mind wander.