Hello! My name is Shelby Pollack. I am currently a student at Massachusetts College of Art and Design; and am a candidate for a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Architecture and Photography for the Spring of 2018, as well as a minor in Sustainability. I have just completed an internship at Hutker Architects on Martha’s Vineyard. It was an amazing experience and has me eager to continue to work in the field. As I am currently part time at school, I am looking for a part time internship to continue to grow my knowledge of design.

From my educational experience as well as that in the field, I have realized that I prefer to work on smaller scale projects, thus to get further into the details of the design. I am especially interested in how design can influence one’s experience of place and keep the user desiring to return. I am constantly looking at the world as an opportunity to design a better life for all of its inhabitants. Some design interests beyond architecture include fire safety, habitat design, retail experience design, business design, app design and much more. I am always interested to learn more!

While at MassArt I have also been an advocate for the safety of students as well as a leader for the architecture department. I hope to continue this through my architectural and interiors work creating a safe and comfortable space for the client as well as coming up with new ideas that I hope will make a difference in their lives.

My resumé is below. For a more extensive version, please visit: www.linkedin.com/in/shelbypollack.

Resume 02/23/18